Thank you very much to everyone for all the birthday celebration messages. I don’t want to get older, but I’m very grateful for everyone’s thoughts of celebrating my birthday, and was happy that I could spend my birthday like this, something I can’t experience in the life of working in office.
This week I drank a lot more than usual, so from next week I will try to “operate normally” and pay attention to my health. Once again, thank you very much!

We visited and spoke to Hayashi Liquor Store about our new lineup of Ichiki Shochu in our menu in this year again. We will announce new shochu for bottle keeping in this page again later.
(Please also check out the website of Hayashi Liquor Store in Ichikikushikino City!)

I found this sentence in Internet.
“Alcohol doesn’t make people crazy, but alcohol discloses if this person is originally crazy”
I sometimes feel the same way when I am working in my bar. I also think this sentence must be true when I made mistakes and felt bad about myself after drinking too much…

I received this beautiful flower arrangement from our customer. Thank you very much!
It is waiting for your visit near our entrance.

Thank you very much for the souvenirs from Singapore^^!

Let’s support Ellie^^
A professional singer from the same hometown (Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture) as our manager visited Cuppage Tokyo the other day. She was a very friendly person and made the bar very lively. Ellie Hoshimoto will be holding two live performances in November 2023 (she will sing both original and cover songs). We hope to have your kind support for her live events. Thank you.

Our bar supports OSAKA EXPO 2025 from Tokyo^^.

It’s no longer “cool” but “cold” in Tokyo.
Please take care of yourself.

I apologize to be late in saying thanks to all of you, Cuppage Tokyo was able to celebrate its 1st anniversary, and we had so many people visit our bar during the celebration period at the end of last month.
Thank you very much! I am grateful for all the gifts I received and I recognized that I was really supported by so many people. In the second year, I would like to continue to take care of my health and work hard to get more people to know about Cuppage Tokyo. Thank you for your continued support.

This is a small gift for the 1st anniversary.
Comes with a discount coupon valid for one year.

Please contact us in case you are interested in organizing a small live event^^

We changed the design of our coasters. From now on, one duty needs to be done is increased before opening time^^;.

This bottle was a gift from a customer. Thank you very much^^.
As a talisman of the bar, we decorate it near the entrance!
(警視庁 = Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Our first original label sweet potato shochu “SAYURI”
The origin of the name is a karaoke bar that once existed in Cuppage Plaza, Singapore, and was a favorite of our bar master😅. Please try it.

焼酎メニューを一新/新三役そろい踏み  Introduction of new shochu
We have renewed the shochu menu. In addition to the popular DAIYAME (potato) and Osumi (wheat), we have added SAYURI (original potato), Satsuma-Fuji (potato), and Beni-tsubaki (potato). All items are carefully selected by Daisuke PaPa, so please enjoy them.

All the light bulbs installed in our shop were replaced with LED today and we are going to fight against the high electricity cost.

沖縄春ウコンの販売開始^^; We started to sell Okinawa turmeric.

Please try one package for 100 yen to prevent hangovers.

出前増量 Delivery Food Menu Increaced 

しっかり食事をしたい方のために、出前を引き受けて頂けるお店も増やしました。昨年末に開店したハンバーガー専門店、ハンバーガー生活のすすめ 慶應義塾大学前店さんの手作りハンバーガー、美味しいです。バクテーやペーパーチキンでは物足りない方は是非お試しください。
For customers who want to have food with large volume, we found another restaurant in our neighborhood to have food delivery service. Hamburger Seikatsu no Susume opened their new branch in front of Keio University and their hamburgers are really tasty. Please try them in case our Bak Kut Teh or Paper Chicken is not enough to fill your stomach.

New Signboard was installed^^

行く年来る年 Year to go, Year to come
Since our grand opening in September, we had great supports from a lot of people and four months passed very fast. We still need to improve our service a lot, and we promise to make our shop better and cozier continuously. I wish all of you have happy new year.

粗品 Small Gift
Small present from us for your kind support in this year^^.

盛り塩導入 Placing salt Installed
Placing salt to keep evil spirits away from our shop. I wanted to place it outside, however I was afraid to see it been kicked by customers. So, I put it inside of our entrance door.

クリスマス X’mas
Christmas Tree was delivered.

貸切でのご利用 Private Event

Please contact with us to use our shop for any private event or we also can arrange food for small group gathering with free-flowing whiskey and Shochu. Please let us know your budget when you need to plan.

蘭のLEGO?! Orchid made by LEGO?!
I got this present from my friend in Singapore to celebrate my bar’s opening. It’s Singapore’s national flower, Orchid but made by LEGO. It’s recommended for 18 years old and above….💦. I have never seen such LEGO before and enjoyed assembling this^^;.


Do you know what is this ^^; ?

A figurine in the shape of Sakurajima Volcano, the symbol of Kagoshima^^.

We are strongly supporting Shochu (Japanese Distilled Spirits) brewed in Ichiki-Kushikino City in Kagoshima Pref.
and we are also serving whiskey produced in Kagoshima City for your tasting. The name of this whiskey is HHAE. Please come to try.

I displayed Gundam figures its a part of my correction in Cuppage Tokyo^^;

New Weapon ^^; 新しく導入したキッチンとカウンターの間仕切りです。

KARAOKE Controller / カラオケコントローラー

I didn’t know there were two ways to place it ^^;.

Halloween ハロウィン🎃

17th Oct 2022 / 2022年10月17日

Cuppage_Tokyo ANNIVESARY_0

Doormat ドアマット
This Wonderful doormat was from my Shop supporters ( will be official supporters )^^
It helps my shop look very fashionable.

Singing 1 / 歌はじめ

準備万端、後はお客様をお迎えするだけ!! ですので「待つわ」を^^;
Everything is ready, all I have to do is welcome my guests! !
So I’m singing the song name ”Matsuwa”. This meaning “I’m waiting” ^^;’

Happy flood of flowers^^ 嬉しい花の洪水^^  
Karaoke bar will be changed to Tropical flower pub ^^;

Foods and Beverages 代表メニュー

Stand-By 開店に向けて

3 Monitors 4 Speakers Newest Karaoke System 最新のカラオケシステム

Happy Gifts お祝いの数々

Face of Working Guy  働く漢の顔