At Home Karaoke Bar

At home Karaoke Bar in Mita / Tamachi Area

Wow?!That’s Cuppage Plaza open in Tokyo?

We are a small karaoke bar whose theme is Singapore located
near to both Tamachi Station and Mita Station.
We aim to be a cozy looking bar especially for the customers
who know what Cuppage is.
We are serving Singapore’s famous Tiger Beer, Singapore Sling,
Bak Kut Teh and Paper Chicken to welcome Singaporeans and Singapore lovers.
We are a karaoke bar and therefore we are using the latest karaoke system. Please come to enjoy singing as well. 


Time : 19:00-
Tamura Building B1, 3-4-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Inquiries: 03-6665-8666
( Reservations are recommended )

Enjoy karaoke with live music and piano accompaniment
7,000 yen per person (tax included)
: Meal and all-you-can-drink
( 1 bottle of beer, whiskey, shochu, plum wine ,tako-hai)
Karaoke is also available.

13rd Jul 2024

New Sweets Menu

Up until now, we didn’t have any sweets in our menu, but starting this month, we started to serve warabi-mochi (bracken-starch dumpling served with sweet soy bean powder and dark molasses) from a long-established Japanese sweets shop in Tsurumi. The kinako(soy bean powder) in particular has a refined sweetness that has been created through years of dedication, making it an exquisite treat. Please give it a try. (400 yen including tax)

23rd May 2024

New Bottles Menu

We’ve added 3 types of Ichiki shochu and 2 types of Islay whiskey to keep bottles.
– Ichiki Shochu Puu (potato shochu) : 6,000 yen (tax included)
– Ichiki Shochu Yamatozakura (potato shochu) : 6,000 yen (tax included)
– Ichiki shochu KAIDO (roasted sweet potato shochu) : 6,000 yen (tax included)

King of Islay Laphroaig : 15,000 yen (tax included)
Islay Smoky Malt Connemara : 12,000 yen (tax included)
Please try these.

1St May 2024

New Bottle Menu

We’ve added SUNTRY Plum Wine in our menu and you can keep it with your name here. It’s 4,400 yen (tax included).

1st Apr 2024

Whiskey bottle price revise

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the rise in wholesale prices, we have decided to make this revise.
We will do our best to make our store more comfortable than ever, so we appreciate your understanding.
We recommend purchasing your keep bottle during March.

3rd Apr 2024

Ladies day starts

Starting in April, the days with a 3 (3rd, 13th, and 23rd) will be designated as Ladies’ Day in Cuppage Tokyo.
The table charge for female customers will be 2,000 yen.
We are looking forward to your visit ^^

Greeting, welcome to CUPPAGE TOKYO

I am DAISUKE who loves Karaoke (Singing) and Singapore.

During 11 years of my stay in Singapore, I had a lot of memories in CUPPAGE PLAZA. I miss that place very much and then I decided to open CUPPAGE TOKYO in Tokyo. Please come to my shop for feeling Singapore in Japan.


Food & Beverage

A part of Food & Beverage Menu

*The prices include tax.

Table Charge


Free karaoke with snacks.

Recommended Drink by DAISUKE Papa 

Blending the wisdom of the world


Original Imo (Potato) Shochu SAYURI 
Ichiki Sake Brewery 720ml


Imo (Potato) Shochu DAIYAME 
Hamada Sake Brewery 900ml


Imo (Potato) Shochu SATSUMAFUJI 
Hamada Sake Brewery 900ml


Singapore Sling 
An alluring cocktail based on gin and pineapple juice


Tiger Beer 
Singapore Standard Beer


Small Bottle

Recommended Food by DAISUKE Papa

Special cooked by DAISUKE Papa




Paper Chicken


Noodles with Bak-Kut-Teh Soup


Information on Special Plans

Free Drink Plan

¥5500 / pax!!

*The prices include tax.

Please make a reservation for 4 people or more by the day before.
Free drink of whiskey, shochu (Imo, Mugi), and soft drinks.
Free Karaoke with snacks.
It will be available for 2 hours.

Charter Plan

The charter plan is available for around 15 pax

Please feel free to contact us regarding schedule, budget, types of food and drinks, etc.
It will be available for up to 3 hours.


At home Karaoke Bar


Opening Hour

MON-FRI : 19:00 – 01:00
SAT : 19:00 – 11:30
Closed: SUN and Public Holidays


You can use a credit card ( VISA / Master ) and PayPay for your payment.

Privacy Pricy